What is pittcad?

PittCAD is an online database specializing in 3D models. Models are created in CAD software's such as SolidWorks and Fusion 360 and are uploaded to pittCAD. Files on the Pitt Makerspace Thingiverse account are in common editable formats (SolidWorks, Fusion 360, etc.) which allows for easy personalization of models.  


PittCAD is the place to go if you:

  • are looking for a common joint/electronics housing/connection that you want to edit.

  • want to learn more about 3D printing using real parts created by fellow students.

  • made an awesome part you would like to share with fellow makers. 

How to use pittcad?

PittCAD is

a Thingiverse account that is run by the Pitt Makerspace. It is full of awesome designs made by students.

To check out our Thingverse account, click here!


•Editable files created in Fusion/Solidworks

•CAD files from past Xprojects

•Models  to house electronic components

•CAD files with moveable parts/joints 

•Models that contain tutorials


Make sure you use the smaller search bar to search within PittCAD! The small search bar highlighted allows you to only search within the makerspace thingiverse, while the large search bar will take you out of PittCAD and into the unknown...


•‘fusion’ or ‘solidworks’





How to contribute to pittCad?

If you are interested in contributing a file to PittCAD, make sure you have these file(s) ready and in ZIP folders!

  • CAD file(s).

    • Name the file using a description of the model pittCAD.description.CAD

  • STL file(s) of CAD model

    • Name the file using a description of the model pittCAD.descriptionSTL

  • Informative picture(s) of the model

    • Name the file using a description of the model pittCAD.description.img

When you have these files prepared, click here!!

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