What did you like about your mentorship?


Fall 2020:

  • I really continue to like the atmosphere of the makerspace, it seems significantly more welcoming than most university groups I have been around.

  • I loved being surrounded by people who make me think differently and I love helping other people with projects they are doing or asking for advice for. 

  • I loved being able to see what others were working on and give recommendations or providing any feedback.

  • It was such an escape and I enjoyed it so much. It motivated me to work harder in school. I think I did a good job becoming familiar with the machines(I haven’t used the vinyl cutter!!) and learning how to fix them even just through trial and error.

  • It gave me something to get out of my house and do something non school related this semester, and was honestly a big stress reliever time


Fall 2019:

  • I liked having responsibilities and learning about all the different prototyping techniques.

  • I liked my mentor hours, especially when I was able to help people working on either class or personal projects. It felt good being the go to resource to answer questions.

  • I felt like I really became a more advanced user of the space. The immersion of requiring hours in the space makes it easier to soak up information both from older and newer members


What do you like about the makerspace system as a whole?


Fall 2020:

  • A fun and inviting space where everyone learns more every time they come

  • I like the ability of the space to teach students to work without fear of failure

  • I love the ability for students to use the spaces and have access to materials to prototype or just create their own personal passion projects. It definitely was one of the most positive experiences of my college career.

  • The fact that it is open to everyone and and is so easy for someone with no experience to come in and start making


Fall 2019:

  • The interaction between experienced and inexperienced students that would not happen in a traditional classroom setting

  • I like all the opportunities you get to learn.

  • I like that the makerspace provides a resource that is otherwise not available. I also like that it attracts more than just engineers. I hope that it continues to expand because it is what Pitt needs.

  • A cost-free, low stress environment for students to stimulate creativity is so important for college students, especially when it has real, practical uses for their studies as well