MENTOR resources

3d printing​

  • CURA Guide for Ender 3, a guide on how to use Cura for the Ender 3​'s

  • Mentor Ender 3 Guide, a rough guide on how to use and maintain the Ender 3 3D printers. Some of the photos are outdated and don't reflect the printers in our spaces exactly, so pay attention to the comments

  • 3D Printing Machine Training, in case you need a refresher after you complete the training

    • Note: You will not be considered trained on the 3D printers  just by looking at these slides, you still must attend a training by a mentor and complete the quiz




  • To properly format files to be laser cut, vinyl cut, or routed by the X-Carve, you will need CorelDRAW, a graphics editor program

  • CorelDRAW is free to download for all Pitt students through Pitt's software download service

    • If you have a Windows computer, choose any version what runs on your computer​

    • If you have a Mac, you will need a virtual machine program such as Parallels (also available from the software download service) to run CorelDRAW

    • All of the computers in the makerspaces have CorelDRAW, but we encourage you to have the application yourself if you are able to

  • CorelDRAW Walkthrough, a guide on how to prepare DXFs in CorelDRAW​

  • Image Editing CorelDRAW guide, a guide on how to turn a regular image into a vector file ready to get cut out