Student outreach role description

The role of the student outreach lead is to make our users and the student body aware of things going on in the spaces. They market/publicize our events and competitions, and maintain our outward facing image on social media. For more information, contact the current Student Outreach Lead, Emily Lickert via Slack or email (

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Helpful Skills for this role:

  • Time management

  • Public Speaking

  • Email drafting/sending

  • Communication

  • Fast Learner

Event Promotion

  • Communicate with Program manager and committee regarding event details once they have been determined

  • Create Poster(s)

  • Distribute Poster(s)

  • Announce events in the community slack

  • Send emails to department coordinators 

  • Direct VP to put things on the website

  • Direct promotional Materials to Paul Kovach

  • Answer questions regarding the events


Seminar Presentations

  • Once per year coordinate with department heads to get 15-20 minutes of seminar time to come and talk about the makerspaces

  • Update seminar presentation as directed by Leads and Admins

  • Coordinate with VP and other leads to give seminar presentation 

Social Media Management

  • Handle the instagram/facebook

  • Posts of people doing things!

  • Posts of events

Hallway TV management

  • The Hallway TV is ours! We control it entirely which means we have to manage it

  • Update the operating hours on a per semester basis 

  • The Treehouse training times slide should be updates each semester as these times change

  • Add event posters to the TV

  • Keep the training flow chart up to date 

Additional projects/tasks that might be under your scope of work:

  • Mentor poster creation

  • Coordinating mentor headshots

  • Get permission to photograph posters/signs