MENTOR manager Role Description

The mentor manager’s role is to organize and work with the mentors who staff the makerspaces. This role requires a lot of interaction with mentors and the leadership team. This role is best for people who enjoy making conversation with people they don’t know very well.  For more information, contact the current Mentor Manager, Stu McCutchen via Slack or email (

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"As mentor manager, I enjoy working with and getting to know all of the mentors.  Since it is my role to befriend, organize, and teach the mentors, I see the direct impact of my contribution to the spaces."-Stu

Key skills for applicants to this position are:

  • Positive/confident attitude

  • Conversational

  • Polite/respectful

  • Scheduling

  • Organized

  • Writing

Key responsibilities include:

  • Help prospective mentors with the onboarding process

  • Being available to answer questions about the application process

  • Helping coordinate the completion of tasks to submit the application

Coordinate the advanced mentor trainings for new mentors

  • 1-2 hour training

  • Set up mentor interviews with admin

Create and maintain the schedule for mentors

  • Send out a form to get the availability of mentors ASAP at the beginning of the semester

  • Reminding the mentors to complete the availability form regularly makes sure they will complete it

  • Takes a very long time to make and tweak the schedule at the beginning of the schedule, make sure to get started as early as possible

  • Will take several hours and several sessions, can be tedious

  • Organize into a weekly schedule

  • 2-4 hours a week a mentor

  • Resolve schedule conflicts/cancellations

  • Announce hour cancellations to community slack as regularly as possible

Answer any questions mentors have

  • Check slack often, multiple times a day, have notifications on

Try to know all the mentors

  • Know all their names (try to at least)

  • Know what contributions they make (how are they helping the spaces out)

  • Checkup and talk to mentors during their hours

  • At least once for each mentor, prioritize new mentors

  • Try to hang out in the spaces and get to know the new mentors

  • This especially helps the new mentors who may have tons of questions about the spaces

Plan mentor outings

  • Create surveys for preferences and availability

  • Reach out to outing place and setup

Mentor at least 2 hours a week

  • Maintain working knowledge of machines

  • Talk to make space users

Create and send out end of semester mentor feedback surveys