Vice President
Role Description

The Vice President of the Makerspaces helps manage day-to-day operation of the makerspaces, assisting the President and working with the administrators and other leads to make sure the spaces are running well. Note this is a 2 year commitment, as the Vice President is expected to assume the role of President the following year.  For more information, contact the current VP, Emily Walkenhorst via Slack or email (


Helpful skills for this role:

  • The ability to be unbiased or impartial in conflict situations

  • Good listener

  • Driven

  • Passionate

  • Email drafting/sending

  • Communication

  • Fast Learner

  • Public Speaking

Managing and coordinating orders

  • Coordinate materials ordering, between mentor and user requests and admins for ordering.

  • Check the back stock first prior to formulating order sheet: BiU, Treehouse, ISS,SB

  • Week-by-week tasks

  • Check in at the biweekly mentor meetings to see what mentors want in the space and encourage them to add to the list.

  • Have mentors DM you on slack when they add an order.

  • Check the shared mentor folder once a week to see if anyone added anything without mentioning it.

Seminar Presentations

  • Coordinate with Student Outreach and other leads to give seminar presentations each semester.

  • Update seminar presentation as directed by Leads and Admins with the President.

  • Incorporate relevant events

  • Operating hours

Website Management

  • Check the website and update when directed by leads and admin or our wonderful mentors.

  • Regular maintenance: hours, events, forms

  • Communicate with program manager and student outreach for forms and events

  • Communicate with Mentor manager for hours and Treehouse training times

  • Communicate with admin and Leads for application postings

  • Handle forms on the site


  • Communicate with the mentor manager and student outreach which classes are occurring in the BiU for scheduling purposes.

  • Some classes hold workshops at the last minute in the BiU and ISS.  

  • Organize with the mentors special training times for classes when necessary.

  • Give classes like AoM specific makerspace presentations as needed.

  • Take note of courses with design projects. They have trends in material needs and number of repairs.

  • For example the NOCMAT class needs cardboard sheets

  • Architecture uses the ⅛” polystyrene

  • These professors don't often give us a warning that students are coming in and need to use this material so it is good to make note of what these classes use so we can be sure to keep them in stock

Champion Groups

  • Coordinate with the Mentor Manager for sending out the champion group interest form.

  • Formulate Champion Groups based on mentor responses.

  • Formulate Slack channels and include Brandon and leads.

  • Send out a when to meet

  • It is Important to meet with the leads and admin to come up with deliverables for champion groups.

  • It is pertinent for VP to be able to use every machine 

  • If you do not know how to use something, ask a previous champion and learn.  You should also know how to do basic repairs on most everything.

Other leadership responsibilities

  • Shadow El Presidente!

  • Communicate your bandwidth and say when you can’t complete something according to schedule.

  • Work on getting Mentors swipe access

  • Graduated returning student mentors need permission from their department chair before sending the form to panther for a newly activated card

  • Special Projects

  • Gingerbread Cathy

  • Lockout

  • Lead team conflict management 

  • Mentor/user conflict


Maya Roman