Lead Team
Application Announcement

Do you wish you had a way to network with interesting and accomplished engineers and artists? Are you passionate about making and want a platform to share your passion and knowledge? Do you want to get more involved in Pitt’s makerspace community? If so, you’re a great candidate for the Pitt Makerspace Vice President, Mentor Manager, Student Outreach, Program Manager, or our Program Coordination Committee! 


We are looking to fill vacant Student Lead Team positions, specifically the Vice President, Mentor Manager, Student Outreach, Program Manager and members of the Program Coordination Committee for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested in joining the team, please read the general information below. The following document outlines the specific roles and expectations!  In addition to the short application, there will be two interviews, one with the Makerspace faculty (Dr. Clark, Brandon Barber, and Dan Yates), and one with the current Student Lead Team (Maya Roman, Emily Walkenhorst, Emily Lickert, Scott McElhinny and Stu McCutchen).  We will send out an interview sign up schedule next week. Please fill out your application on our new website https://www.ssoe-innovation.org/makerspace/lead by 11:59pm Friday, April 22nd. 


If you have any questions about the roles or application feel free to ask in the Slack or via email to makerspace@pitt.edu


dates to know

Application deadline: Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Interview window: Monday, April 11th - Friday, April 15th 2022

general responsibilities

  • These responsibilities are expected to be carried out by all members of the Lead Team.

  • Attend weekly meeting with Admins

  • Attend weekly meeting with fellow leads

  • Review weekly meeting notes prior to meetings, add discussion topics that you think are relevant. 

  • Helpful to have notes open during meetings to keep track of the discussion

  • Maintain clear lines of communication with other leads, admins, mentors, and users.

  • Maintain higher level knowledge of machines in the spaces

  • Mentors should know how to use all the machines, we MUST know how to use all the machines 

  • General maintenance and repairs 

  • Administrate Advanced Mentor Trainings as necessary

  • Hold Mentor hours 

  • Aid in the development of agenda for biweekly mentor meeting

  • Help conduct this meeting as necessary (come to as many as possible, it is important!!)

  • Prepare the spaces before each semester

  • Build the new enders 

  • Clean the spaces

  • Monitor the #community, #mentor, #leadteam (may be a different naming scheme) Slack channels, answering questions in a timely manner

  • Miscellaneous Tasks as instructed by Admins and the President

  • Cutting plywood (and other treehouse materials) down to standard size

  • Picking up orders from the mailroom

  • Restocking Treehouse materials from the sub-basement, restocking filament

  • Keeping up with and getting to know the mentors

Role requirements


  • Submit your application via form submission for the lead team application on our new website page . The blank application can be found here.